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Introducing Tidal’s Retail Payment Suite

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You’ve never seen payment processing like this before.

Over the past thirteen years, we’ve helped hundreds of retailers just like you go above and beyond what they thought was possible for their business, and we’ve spent countless hours perfecting our retail payment processing solutions. We’ve learned exactly what it takes to grow a retail business, and our suite of payment processing tools is just designed to help you do just that.

Powerful business intelligence

Tidal’s payment processing isn’t just about saving you money on transaction fees; we’re here to dramatically increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Quickly grab game-changing insight updated in real-time, completely manage your inventory, catch errors early, and make updates to any retail store from anywhere with an internet connection.


Complete analytical control

Easily pull your favorite stats from auto-generated reports or export any sales data within any timeframe as a .CSV for in-depth reporting.

Your Business

Your business in your pocket

Use our web dashboard and mobile app to keep track of your sales, make inventory adjustments, send out messages, settle transactions, and more at any time from any location

Get the big picture

Get the big picture

Hone in on an individual retail store or zoom out and compare sales data from any combination or number of stores. Tidal helps you make better decisions for your business.

World-class customer experience

Deliver unparallelled customer convenience while collecting the insights you need to keep them coming back.

Payment Types

Accept any payment type

Apple pay, Android pay, chip, swipe, contactless — you name it. Whatever your customers use, you’ll support it with Tidal.

Customer Profiles

Complete Customer Profiles

Look at individual contact profiles or in aggregate to determine cohort and demographic behavior.

Loyalty Programs

Engaging Loyalty Programs

Keep customers coming back again and again evaluate a campaign’s effectiveness with Tidal.

Gift Card

Gift Cards

Accepting gift cards is as easy as any other transaction. Load cards, sell physical or digital copies, update balances, get a free gift card design, and more with Tidal.

Innovative Design

Gift Card

Easy EMV Integration

Your retail customers want to feel secure, and that security is felt via a modern payment processing system. Not only do chips offer a better experience for the customer, your business saves money by reducing fraud and chargebacks. It used to be a pain to support EMV, but we’re proud to say our custom EMV integrations make the upgrade simple and efficient and don’t require you to change your existing POS!

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Third-party apps

Build your own custom combination of Tidal software and third-party to create your dream retail payment processing solution.

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Keep your existing hardware and/or POS

Switching to Tidal doesn’t mean changing your entire workflow. We support it all, but it’s up to you what you want to change.

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