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Your restaurant is your own; it’s unique, and every bit of your process plays into that. It needs to be sound from the moment your guests walk in the door to the moment they leave. The smallest of hiccups can interrupt a dining experience, and we all know too well what that’s like. Pay at the Table was designed for today’s restaurants and makes sure the entire payment process is smooth and simple.

Reduce human error by leaving the payment process in the hands of guests, save time with automatically closed checks, reduce chargeback liability and fraud by never taking the guest’s credit card, and eliminate the wait time between the end of the meal and payment by leaving terminals at guest tables after a meal.

Pay at the Table delivers the dining experience your customer’s desire, complete with modern comfort on the side.

Money Stacked

Increase tip collection

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for your check after a meal, and that directly plays into how much people tip your staff. Pay at the table eliminates that wait by leaving the timing up to the guest. The server simply drops off the terminal, and your guest can pay, tip, and get a receipt quickly and easily at their convenience.

Credit Cards

Accept any payment type

Whatever way your guest wants to pay, Pay at the Table has you covered by easily integrating with the Tidal Smart Terminal. From contactless payments, EMV chip, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and more, we support virtually all payment types.

Chargeback Liability

Reduce chargeback liability and fraud

Not only will your mobile terminals equipped with Pay at the Table be EMV/PCI compliant, but by putting the payment process in the hands of guests, you reduce fraud and chargeback liability significantly. The guest’s card never leaves their hands.

Ready to pay at the table? Take a seat. We’ll be right with you.

Cut out steps between your guests and your servers and reduce service time and unnecessary headaches. Faster service + more tables flipped = more money in your pocket. But with Pay at the Table, that process becomes this:

1. Server drops off bill and terminal after the meal.

2. Guest double checks the receipt and enters their tip.

3. Guest inserts their debit or credit card.

4. Guest signs an automatically printed receipt.

5. Guest leaves, happily and when they want to.

6. Server comes by to collect the receipt and terminal.

Pay at table

Well do all the work. You just sit down and relax

Keep your existing POS

There’s no need to go through the hassle of switching your POS. Let our custom integrations with most major POS systems including Micros and Aloha make adding Pay at the Table quick and painless.

Easily accept tableside payments by:

check-mark Using our Poynt terminals as a standlaone option.

check-mark Using Poynt with the Talech POS App.

Mobile-friendly Transactions

Mobile-friendly transactions

Pay at the Table combined with the Tidal Smart terminal offers a completely mobile payment experience. Let guests pay on their own, and servers can easily drop up and pick up terminals at the best times.

Features created for the modern restaurant.

Modern Restaurant

Automatically close checks.

As soon as the payment is processed, Pay at the Table automatically closes it, giving your servers more time to help other customers.

See open orders from your POS

Know exactly which tables have which terminals at all time. Simply open up your POS and see which table you’re waiting on.

View individual check receipt information

Did the customer accidentally lose a receipt or misspell their email address? No problem. Simply pull up the recent transactions by table and print out a new one in a flash.

Payment processing & POS sync

Your POS and Pay at the Table will be fully integrated, so the payment actions you take on your POS affect pay at the table and vice versa.

Deliver a dining experience that's rich and refreshing

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