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A partner program made for businesses working in and around
the payment processing industry.

A visionary suite of financial payment processing solutions built for today’s financial industry.

What is the Referral Partners Program?

Does your business frequently interact with businesses in need of payment processing? Do they often ask you for referrals? Be prepared and recommend a business that is both beneficial to you and your client with Tidal Commerce’s Partner Program. Our referral program is a payment processing solutions partnership designed for businesses looking to increase their revenue by recommending Tidal to their clients.

Partnership Image
Partnership Image

Why partner with us?

Because we deliver unparallelled payment processing solutions for businesses of all kinds, and we’re a business you can be proud to refer. We’re a reaction against shady contracts and vague transaction costs. Today’s businesses want a payment processor they can trust, one that always has their best interests in mind. We prove that consistently by always passing on savings when possible, by being upfront and transparent with fees, and by consistently developing and delivering new services that will help our customers run better businesses.

From the best in PCI compliance, to 24/7 support, to offering the most competitive processing rates we can, to continually updating and adding new services based on customer feedback, we’re here to deliver the best in payment processing solutions year over year.  All of this and more can become yours through our referral partnership program.

Service you'll be proud to recommend.


The best in Payment Processing

Save your referrals up to 35% with Tidal’s transparent payment processing. To give businesses the best rates, we offer both interchange and tiered pricing based on projected monthly volumes. We have the most competitive pricing in the industry with custom plans made for your referrals, and we include a free payment analysis for every customer.


Future Proof

Businesses can pay any way they want. Tidal Commerce supports Apple Pay, Android Pay, EMV and Magstripe, and it’s future proof. Loyalty programs, wireless payments — you name it. Plus, we offer EMV upgrade services. With our custom integrations, supporting EMV doesn’t mean your referrals have to change their current POS. Whatever integration you’re curious about, the Tidal Smart Terminal can support it.


Diverse POS Compatibility

We’re industry and POS agnostic. Whatever industry you’re in, our payment processing solutions can help. With support for almost all existing POS software, our team is here to help your referrals, no matter the business.

Innovative Payment Technologies


Email Invoicing

With our email invoicing software, collecting payments has never been easier. Your referrals can make customizable invoices that represent their business and invoice from anywhere with an internet connection. And once a transaction is complete, the payment is automatically recorded in our web dashboard for easy data collection and analysis.


Recurring Billing

A lot of businesses deal with subscription models or amortized billing. Use our recurring billing feature as a selling point for businesses that are sick and tired of wasting time creating repetitive manual invoices.


QuickBooks Sync

Tidal Commerce makes it easy for your referrals to keep their current workflow if they would like to. Our software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, ensuring the transition is smooth and error-free.

Introducing Atlas

Software built for today’s business demands.

Online Application

Online Application

It’s easy for merchants to switch to Tidal with our intuitive online application. We can help fill out the details beforehand and finish it with the customer in just a matter of minutes. Plus customers can save their progress and come back, reducing time-costly errors and decreasing turnaround time for underwriting.

And if a company has a variety of owners or executives, users can work on the same application and sign the document from anywhere in the world.

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Merchant CRM

Keep track of how many merchants you have and the residuals you’re earning from each. Easily see which merchants are in which stage and respond to underwriter inquiries for individual accounts instantly. See step by step what your client has changed in their application and why. Quickly access their merchant account ID number, and create individual users for each separate account.

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Merchant CRM

A community built for your success.

Help support team

If you choose to pursue a partnership, and we think you’re a good fit for the program, we make it our mission to help you succeed. Use our complimentary CRM to keep track of referrals, talk to our sales experts to identify customer pain points together, and read our feature updates for the latest software additions. Here's some ways we support you:

Flexible Revenue Sharing

  • Goal oriented. We sit down and discuss what you need to reach your financial goals. Once we’re both happy with a rate, we move forward.
  • Recurring residual checks. You never have to worry about chasing down what you’re owed.
  • Your residuals are guaranteed for life. As long as the business you or your agents signed is conducting transactions, you will be earning.

Dedicated Support & Sales Agents

Our 24/7/365 support and sales team is here for you and the merchants you refer. We’ve got your back any time of the day, whether it’s a question on how best to present Tidal’s services or a technical issue.

  • In-house support and merchant agents on demand.
  • Complimentary statement analysis team.
  • In-house underwriting and risk management.
  • 24/7/365 support.

Hardware that’s redefining an industry.

Tidal Smart Terminal

Poynt Terminal

A new way to do business.

The Tidal Smart Terminal lets businesses leverage the latest in payment technology to manage their storefronts like never before. Features like a built-in printer, hybrid card reader, and multiple connectivity options provide your referral’s business with the flexibility they require, at a price they can appreciate.

A partnership that's good for everyone.

Put your merchants in our capable hands. Your referral partnership can be as hands off as you want. You can simply refer merchants to Tidal, and we take care of the rest. After all, we specialize in merchant services and take pride in our ability to provide a superior level of customer support, so why not extend these services to your members?

Referral benefits

  • Hassle free way to increase your revenue.
  • Easy to manage and low maintenance.
  • Submit referrals to us online, and we handle the contacting of referrals directly.
  • Applicable service at low rates.
  • We provide updates to you of merchant status
  • Interested in becoming a referral partner?

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