Amazing features for any merchant

Whatever your industry, whatever the size, you can build a better business
with Tidal’s fantastic suite of payment processing features.

Increase customer convenience, boost sales.

Businesses today sell experiences. The days of succeeding with just a good product are over, and businesses need to consistently have positive and engaging interactions with customers while offering incentives for returning. Keep customers coming back again and again with loyalty programs at your locations, quickly get back online with 24/7 technical support,and figure out your customer’s favorite products with detailed sales reports

Gift Cards

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Keep your customers engaged and coming back with custom-branded gift cards & incentive-based programs. Reward coffee addicts with free drinks, give regulars a beer on the house, offer referral discounts to customers, and much more.

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Customer Support

24/7 Technical Support

You don’t have to work around our schedule. We’re here here all day, every day, including holidays. All of our technical experts are U.S. based and have direct experience with payment processing, ensuring professional quality and quick service.

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Pricing that scales with you

Your business your choice. Start small and grow with a pricing structure thats flexible and easy to understand. No cancellation fees, no gimmicks or lock-ins. We’ll even perfrom a rate analysis with your current provider.

Ready to pay at the table?

Cut out steps between your guests and your servers and reduce service time and unnecessary headaches. Faster service + more tables flipped = more money in your pocket.

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Simple PCI compliance

Get PCI compliance scans with our self-assessment questionnaire and routine on-demand PCI scan service. Whenever you need to check your compliance or complete a scan, our tool is available. We’ve got your back with up to $100,000 breach coverage for qualified merchants.

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Effective email invoicing

Get paid faster and provide a better customer experience with our beautiful and easy-to-use email invoices. Customize them as you see fit to represent your business, and send recurring or manual invoices from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Chargeback Assistance

Nobody likes dealing with chargebacks and fraud. It’s stressful and expensive. Instead, imagine having an entire team at your disposal to tackle all of the paperwork and documentation. If you partner with us, we’ll always have your back

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Run your business with intelligence.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

See how your stores are doing in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection. Quickly get a bird’s eye view with our generated reports, or dig deep with segmentation by store, product, date, and more.

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Web Dashboard

Web Dashboard

Our web dashboard gives you and your employees the ability to run your business like never before. Send reports of high-performing items to your marketing team, manage your inventory, or save that disappointed customer by quickly responding with a refund — all within seconds.

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Web Dashboard

EMV Upgrade

Becoming EMV compliant and accepting chip cards doesn’t mean changing your POS anymore. We offer custom EMV upgrades with the minimum downtime necessary to switch your business over to EMV compliance.

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** Not all features available to all merchants. Additional fees may apply. **

Customize your experience with third-party apps & integrations

Pay at the table

Pay at table

The smallest of hiccups can interrupt a dining experience, and we all know too well what that’s like. Pay at the Table was designed for today’s restaurants and makes sure the entire payment process is smooth and simple.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile apps

Conduct business on the move with Tidal’s mobile dashboard and POS management app. Gather insights, send messages, settle transactions, and much more straight from your pocket.

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Take your shop to the next level

Make more from each customer with lower credit card processing fees, and modernize your shop with the Tidal Commerce Smart Terminal. Your customers want the best, and we have the tools to get you there.

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