Hotel Payment Processing

Innovative payment processing and terminals for today’s hospitality businesses.


Keep your guest safe.

Give your customers peace of mind both in your hotel and on the internet. This includes any transactions through your online booking or eCommerce platforms. Cybersecurity is more important than ever, and Tidal Commerce keeps your guests’ credit card and personal information locked up and safe from any intruders.


Routine and on demand PCI scans

Tidal Commerce comes with unlimited on-demand scanning of your network. From the online compliance dashboard, you can launch new scans, add new networks to scan, and even pull past scan reports. It’s complete security, as hands on or hands off as you want it.


PCI Compliance without the headaches

PCI compliance doesn't have to be hard or difficult to understand. Keeping your cardholders information secure is every business owner’s priority. We're here to help with our advanced suite of PCI DSS Tools, providing up to $100,000 breach coverage for compliant merchants.

The new standard in payment processing

Payment solutions designed for the modern hotel

Hotel and Hospitality

Make checking in and out quick and painless. Easily integrate our payment processing into your existing POS or reservation system to save money on transactions while delivering a superior payment experience to each of your guests with the Tidal Smart Terminal — a mobile, customer-first payment terminal perfect for front desks at hotels.

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Support all day. Every day.

Our technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You work around the clock to keep your guests comfortable, and we’ll be right there with you, holidays included.

No hidden fees. No surprises.

Say goodbye to high fees, unexpected bills, and confusing contracts from other payment processors. We don’t do hidden fees or surprise you with rate changes. We’re transparent because we want your experience to feel the same way you treat your guests — with honesty and care.

Free statement analysis

Let us show you what you're missing out on, charge by charge. Before you get started, we'll provide you with an in-depth statement analysis for free, so you’ll know exactly why and how much you’re saving per guest and per month.

A new way to check in and check out

Meet the new, sleek Tidal Smart Terminal powered by Poynt.

POS System

Built for Hotels & Hospitality Businesses of any size.

Today’s hospitality industry is moving rapidly, and you need a terminal that can keep up and outpace competitors. With out of the box transaction capabilities, built-in apps, mobile insights and controls, up to 8 hours of battery life, a built-in receipt printer, a dual Magstripe/Chip card slot, and so much more, the Tidal Smart Terminal is ready for whatever you throw at it.

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Let your customers pay how they want to


Let your customers pay how they want to


+ Loyaly programs, gift cards, QR and more

Let your guests pay any way they want. Tidal Commerce supports Apple Pay, Android Pay, EMV and Magstripe, and it’s future proof. Loyalty programs, wireless payments — you name it. Plus, we offer EMV upgrade services. With our custom integrations, supporting EMV doesn’t mean you have to change your current POS. Whatever integration you’re curious about, the Tidal Smart Terminal can support it.

Manage your hospitality business. Anytime. Anywhere

Running multiple hotels? Keep close tabs on your sales and inventory and send important messages to your entire staff wherever you are, whatever the time with our accompanying mobile app. Remind your staff of the 4:30 PM meeting, instantly issue a refund for that dirty room, create a discount promotion for suites that are selling slowly, remote lock any terminal in case of trouble, and more — all in the blink of an eye from any location with internet access.

Quality tools for innovative hotels

Allow repeat guests to save money and increase your visitor numbers with Tidal’s built-in loyalty program software, accept guest payments online, manage your reservations from anywhere with internet access, and accept payments in any way your guests like to — Tidal Commerce stays on the edge, providing the latest and most modern software & payment processing solutions. We’re here to bring the future of hospitality payment solutions to your business each and every day.

Take your shop to the next level

Make more from each customer with lower credit card processing fees, and modernize your shop with the Tidal Commerce Smart Terminal. Your customers want the best, and we have the tools to get you there.

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Reach out today and request your free payment analysis. We’ll show you exactly how much you could be saving with us.

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