PCI Compliance Made Easy

See your compliance status, update your account, and run scans on-demand
right from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Convenient on-demand features

PCI Compliance

Self-assessment questionnaire

Eliminate the guesswork by submitting and signing your self-assessment questionnaires online through our compliance dashboard. We have prompts every step of the way ensuring you don’t leave any stone unturned.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Easily manage compliance documents & SAQs, view and schedule network scans, and take immediate actions to solve any PCI issues within our web dashboard.

Routine and on-demand PCI scans

Access unlimited on-demand scanning of your network. Launch new scans, add new networks to scan, run scans against your internal network to scan for potential vulnerabilities, and even pull past scan reports in an instant.

Catch vulnerabilities early

Failing to take action or against vulnerabilities or simply overlooking an issue for too long can be devastating for your business, and the less sophisticated your system for PCI compliance is, the better chance you have of letting something slip through the cracks. Put your mind at ease with a suite of PCI compliance tools that will never let you down.

It's PCI compliance made safe and easy

PCI compliance doesn't have to be hard or difficult to understand. Our dashboard makes it easy and secure, and we're here to help with our advanced suite of PCI DSS Tools. Plus, we help you reduce your financial risk by providing up to $100,000 breach coverage for compliant merchants.

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Up to $100,000 breach coverage for qualified merchants.

World-class support & at-location installations

Collecting Payments

On-premise network configuration

It’s PCI compliance, delivered. Have your network installed and configured by a certified network engineer and minimize the risk of going offline.

Offline Transactions

Ethernet cabling

Need a professional to run cable? Have a our technician run Cat 5/5e/6 or Fiber Optic whenever is most convenient for you.

Collecting Payments

Managed routers

Ensure your network is always connected and secure. Our support team will monitor your network’s performance around the clock.

Collecting Payments

24/7 technical Support

Whenever you need us, we'll be here. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Not all features available to all merchants.

“We've been working with Premier Payments, now Tidal Commerce, for several years for several reasons. They saved us a lot of money for both our companies and their customer service rocks. They've always been attentive and helpful for any of our needs, including understanding PCI compliance. Highly recommend working with them!”

Gina Trimarco, President & Chief Executive Officer

Stay secure. Stay compliant.

Easily prevent costly breaches and additional fees with our robust self-service PCI features.

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