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Hundreds of restaurants served by Tidal

Pay at the table, take online orders, bring the terminals directly to customers, and more with Tidal. Save up to 30% on fees from each meal with our custom restaurant pricing, manage every restaurant location on the go with our web dashboard and mobile app, and get deposits in a matter of days.

Build your ideal checkout experience


Smart and traditional terminals

Craft your ideal customer experience with Tidal’s touch-screen enabled, wireless, Smart Terminals, Dejavoo mobile terminals, or stationary terminals from our hand-picked inventory.

Web Dashboard

Seamless integrations

Upgrade to support EMV without having to change your POS, integrate a multitude of third-party apps, add our hardware without changing your workflow, use your existing terminals — we do anything and everything necessary to ensure your restaurants have smooth transition.


Practical POS

Our recommended POS systems are intuitive, easy to use, built for growth, and designed with restaurants in mind. Add or change products, settle transactions, manage inventory, add daily meal specials, and much more within seconds.

Credit Cards

Accept any type of payment

Whatever your customers want to use at your restaurant, we can support it. That includes Apple Pay, Android Pay. contactless payments, EMV, magstripe, and anything else you can think of.

Find your regulars

Loyalty Pograms

  • Reward your customers by creating unique loyalty programs. Give Jack his eighth 12:15 lunch on the house, and see how your efforts are bringing in more business with aggregate reporting.
  • Gift Cards

  • Sell gift cards in-restaurant or online without any additional hardware or software. Reload, change the balance, and transact gift cards directly from your Tidal terminal.
  • Built for growth

  • From small mom & pop diner chains to global restaurant empires, Tidal can help you continue growing year after year. With 24/7 technical support, proactive integrations, and new payment solutions coming out on a consistent basis, we’ll become your biggest fan and supporter — always searching for ways to save you money and help you reach your goals.
  • Save money while growing your restaurant

    Fast Deposits

  • Tidal’s deposits are lightning fast — see your restaurant’s profits in a matter of days and put that money toward your next move.
  • Savings

  • We’re here to dish out the savings. Merchants who switch to Tidal save an average of 30% on their transactions, and we’ll even show you what you can save upfront for free.
  • Robust business analytics

  • Combine payment reports from multiple locations or hone in on individual restaurants to determine which meals and specials are having the most impact, access real-time sales data to make decisions faster than ever, and grow smarter with Tidal’s built-in analytics platform.
  • Payment processing for all sorts of food service


    Introducing Pay-at-the Table

    A revolutionary restaurant management experience

    Save time by eliminating unnecessary steps between your customers & waiters, flip more tables, save money on fraud and chargebacks, print tickets, automatically close checks, increase tips, and more — all from your existing POS.


    Compatible with all major point of sale systems

    Want to use your existing system? Not a problem. We're likely compatible! We support all major and point of sale systems and point of sale software.




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