Accept payments anywhere with SwipeSimple. Powerful mobile-first software and versatile hardware options ensure your small business can grow in every direction.

Start accepting payments your way



Accept all payment types in-person with mobile and countertop solutions or key-entered with a computer.


Send customers invoices and collect payments with just your computer.

  • Send invoices via email or SMS text message directly from the Dashboard
  • Access cloud-based customer data including saved credit cards and custom tax and discount rates
  • Scheduled Payments

    Customer payments can be scheduled to fit your business.

  • One-time charges: Schedule a one-time payment for a customer on a future date
  • Installments: Split a charge into multiple payments and charge a stored credit card automatically on each payment intervals
  • Subscriptions: Recurring payments charge a stored credit card automatically at each payment interval
  • Payment Links

    With the Payment Links option simply share a link with customers to quickly take them to the page where they enter their payment details.

  • Share via your website, newsletters, emails, a facebook page, or any other way you share links
  • Embed into an image or through a QR code
  • Grow your business quickly

    Customer Management

    Customer Management

    Access all of your previous customers with easy Customer Management tools. Quickly import an existing customer list, save cards on file and view or initiate all sales from the customer’s profile.

    Employee Management

    Employee Management

    Manage roles, permissions, and employee data for effective budgeting of time and staff. Be confident in the level of access each user has for your business.


    Inventory Management

    Quick access your critical information for faster and better informed decision making. Reporting gives you complete data and insights into every aspect of your business. Access anytime online to manage and track transactional and customer data.

    Collecting Payments

    And so much more

  • Tax Management
  • Recept Customization
  • Multi-Store Management
  • Point of sale: Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Flexibility is the name of the game. Start accepting payments on your mobile device, on a terminal or even your computer — whatever you choose you get the benefits of SwipeSimple.


    Accept payments anywhere with the SwipeSimple Mobile App and card reader on an iOS or Android device.

    In Store

    Take it to the next level with a countertop terminal that offers a compact rugged form factor, built-in receipt printer and multiple connectivity options via WiFi, wired ethernet or cellular. All the capabilities you expect plus the power of SwipeSimple.

    At Your Computer

    An easy to use online portal allows you to run transactions multiple ways and includes transaction history, tax/tip reporting, cloud-based inventory management, item tracking and so much more.


    Flexible hardware solutions

    Choose a hardware solution that fits your business. Build out your own POS solution starting with a Mobile Reader or opt for an All- In-One Terminal for power and simplicity businesses and customers love.


    Mobile Readers

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own iOS or Android Device)
  • EMV for chip and magnetic stripe transactions
  • Support for contactless payments
  • Receipt printer and other hardware added separately
  • Accept payments with magnetic stripe for legacy cards
  • Includes the core functionality you expect with SwipeSimple
  • SwipeSimple

    All-In-One Terminals

  • Dedicated all-in-one solutions
  • EMV for chip, magnetic stripe and contactless transactions
  • Built-in thermal receipt printer
  • Large color touchscreen
  • Supports Wifi, cellular or wired ethernet connections
  • Digital receipts (email, SMS)
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