Restaurant POS

Powerful features to manage your restaurant in-store and online. Delight your custom- ers in-person, take online orders or organize your restaurant — all in one place.

In-store ordering customers love

Credit Card POS

Order at the Counter

Accept cash, credit and debit payments or go contactless with Apple Pay or Google Pay — including support for split payments. Reward your staff for superior service with tip processing and reporting built-in.

Order at the Table

Expedite orders to increase profits by taking them on the go, with a mobile POS solution. Use your own iPad or Android tablet to take customers’ orders anywhere on the floor.

Directional Kitchen Printing

Speed up your kitchen operations by specifying which items print to each kitchen printer. Smart directional printing means your stations receive the most accurate information faster.

Online ordering has arrived

Credit Card POS

Take Orders Online

Your customers can place orders online and pick up curbside at your location or schedule a delivery. Ordering at home is just as easy as on the go with our mobile- friendly online ordering payment portal. Online ordering works on all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

Sync Orders

Because our restaurant POS solution is seamlessly integrated, new online orders are synced automatically with your connected printers so the kitchen can begin preparation faster.

Marketing Tools

Make it easier for customers to find your restaurant online with our marketing tools. Customers can even share your menu on social media to Facebook, Instagram and more. Respond to changing customer tastes and keep your menu fresh by updating your menu online easily. And best of all everything is synced from your in-store POS to online.

Table mapping superpowered

Table Management

Build Your Floor Plan

Organize operations and speed up the ordering process from beginning to end by constructing your floor plan right from within the POS so it matches the layout of your restaurant, with restaurant table management you can:

  • Edit or add sections or tables easily and quickly
  • Resize or move tables on the fly
  • Take Table Orders

    Orders are tracked and saved by table number and can even be placed by a guest. Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring each table and guest is served properly, with table order management you can:

  • Assign items to individual guests or to the whole table
  • Print the kitchen and customer receipt for the table or individual guests
  • Split receipts with table orders broken down by guest, by item, or amount
  • Table Reporting

    Gain better visibility into the details of current and previous table orders with our powerful reporting tools including real- time payment information.

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