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Our partners reach their independent sales organization’s goals faster
and more effectively with our innovative suite of partner services.


What is the ISO Partner Program?

Financial Institutions

An innovative and custom merchant services program designed for independent sales organizations who want to build a more profitable and sustainable business. By choosing carefully and working individually with each ISO we bring on, we’ve assembled a team of firebrand ISOs with a desire to build a better payment processing world and make money while doing so.

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Expand your residuals
Better serve your customers

Our ISO partner program is designed to help you earn new customers, stay competitive, and increase customer retention.

The Value of a Tidal Commerce Partnerships


check-mark Increase client conversion. Technology, program flexibility and hands-on approach maximize client enrollment.


check-mark Increase ISO efficiency. Our unique merchant application software makes completing and tracking deals easy.


check-mark Increase client retention. Stop losing clients to competitors with the latest tech or more comprehensive solutions.


check-mark Increase your average client processing returns. Tidal’s merchant services are the best available, and when your clients do better, you do better.

The Tidal Community.

Tidal's Client

It is a true pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Tidal Commerce. The entire Tidal team has a clear passion for what they do and they have an unmatched energy and thoughtfulness when it comes to servicing their customers and working with their partners.

Tidal's Client

I started using Tidal Commerce as a solo attorney and appreciated the easy to use web access to process credit card payments. I have not had any problems with the service, and received great customer service setting up the account and look forward to contuing to use Tidal Commerce' service for the indefinite future.

Tidal's Client

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce has been using Tidal Commerce for over 10 years. One of the reasons that we switched to them and have not left is their customer service. It is so nice to be able to call when we have a problem and know that we will be able to talk to a person which was not the case with previous processors. They have always gone out of their way to help us save money and explain statement charges that are hard to undestand...

Tidal's Client

We have been very pleased with the continual cost savings and attentive service we receive

Introducing Atlas

The world's first digital application designed specially for independent sales organization’s.

Atlas Image

Designed for independent sales organization’s

  • Saves your time and the merchant’s time
  • Reduces errors
  • Interactive Application
  • Real-time two way updates
  • View account progress
  • Manage leads
  • Create support tickets
  • Sell easily with the Poynt Smart Terminal, the first of its kind

Unified solutions that power modern businesses

Every part of the Tidal Commerce merchant suite works in harmony with each other — giving the businesses you serve the ability to create a payment system that is uniquely catered to their needs while easily making any additions or changes.

  • Terminal with built-in applications, receipt printer, Wi-Fi, and more
  • Easy for Quick Service and Pay-at-Table locations looking to accept EMV
Merchant Features
Smart Terminal

Use Tidal’s Smart Terminal to land restaurants, bars, and more.

A community built for your success.

Suppport Team
  • Sales training & support
    from Tidal’s team of expert merchant specialists.
  • Non-exclusivity
    We want you to have the flexibility and independence you need to succeed.
  • Free statement analysis
    for any lead. We’ll help you show them exactly what they could be saving with Tidal.
  • Lifetime residuals
    Once your team signs up a client, those residuals are yours for life unless the business stops transacting or you delegate those payables to another party.
  • Recurring residuals
    All of your residuals will be delivered on a set schedule you can rely on, automatically.
  • 24/7/365 technical support
    Having trouble? We’ve got you and your merchant’s backs any day, any time.
  • Marketing resources
    We provide you with our training materials & resource library. We know what it takes to sell Tidal, and we’ll give you every tool you need to start seeing results.
  • Beta features and notifications of new updates
    Always be in the know / we’ll provide you with any information that will be useful for you on the sales side.

Design your own program

People Working

Referral Partnerships

check-mark Put your merchants in our capable hands. You refer merchants to Tidal, and we take care of the rest.

Registered as an ISO

check-mark Registered sales offices have a fully disclosed relationship with Tidal Commerce and agree to be a sales office of Tidal. We provide the training to your team members so they can offer merchant services effectively.

Obtain your own BIN

check-mark registering as an ISO is the first step towards building your brand. Registering a BIN gives you portability and the power to build your own program.

White Labels

check-mark You handle your own brand on our customized platform, and we only operate behind-the-scenes.