Waves POS

Small business is in our DNA that’s why we want to help your business grow with off-premises sales during the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

That’s why Tidal Commerce is offering complimentary access to our online ordering solution Waves POS free for 3 months*.

Features to run your business

Point of Sale

Easy, simple and powerful. Available on Android tablets, iPad OS, Windows PCs and the Poynt smart terminal, Waves POS has everything you need to run your small business. Add and scan items directly into the cart. Ring in sales, calculate discounts and add up taxes.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory right down to the grain — literally. With Inventory Management you’ll know exactly what you have in stock and where. Easily manage departments, categories, prices, and quantities. Manage your store operations in real-time. Track everything from store assets to exchanges and returns.

Restaurant Table Management

Build your floor plan, take and process table order with ease and have better visibility into the status of your entire restaurant.

Ingredients Management

Assign ingredients to a product or modifier’s recipe, track ingredients’ stock by small and large units, receive and transfer ingredients and view ingredient reporting. Knowledge is power, and with Ingredients Management you can prevent revenue loss and make smarter business decisions.

Take your business online

Online Ordering

Connect Waves with an online store. With a fully integrated eCommerce platform, Waves allows you to sync your online orders with your store’s point of sale for a true OmniChannel solution.

Customer Management

Store customer information so you know exactly what they buy and when. Easy to add, edit and search customers. Personalize your service and receipts or export to third party services for marketing campaigns.

Order Management

Select order types such as quick sale, take out, drive thru or deliver. Manage your orders with an option to track order statuses.

Tip Management

Customize your tip settings to best suit your business and easily collect tips from customers. Managers are able to view and do shift closeouts.

Grow your business quickly and easily

POS Reporting

Quick access your critical information for faster and better informed decision making. Reporting gives you complete data and insights into every aspect of your business. Access anytime online to manage and track transactional and customer data.


Create, name and add a rate to the surcharge then quickly set it up for your company or store. Waves POS seamlessly adds the surcharge fee to orders where credit cards are used.

Employee Management

Manage roles, permissions, and employee data for effective budgeting of time and staff. This gives you full control over employee access to features and data on your sales and business security.

POS for QuickBooks

Skip long accounting hours with the Waves POS QuickBooks App. With QuickBooks integration you can manage your finances hassle-free. Automatically synchronize sales transactions, inventory, taxes, pay-ins/pay-outs and more.

Cash Discount

With the Cash Discount Program, you can provide customers with an incentive to pay with cash, by offering a discount off the regular sales price. when making cash purchases.

Apps and Integrations

Waves POS supports a variety of powerful apps and integrations to help you grow your business and profits.

And so much more:

  • Tax Management
  • Recept Customization
  • Partial Payments/Split Payments
  • Pre-Authorizations
  • Multi-Store Management
  • Social Media/SEO Marketing

All-in-one POS system

Waves POS System

Point of Sale Software

Integrated with Waves POS

Touch Screen Monitor

14-inch High Definition 1920 x1080, Capacitive Touch Screen

Customer Display

Displays itemized order information, and promotions.

Processor and RAM

Qualcomm Snapdragon AC100~240V/1.7A octa-core processor DC24V/2.5A.

Receipt Printer

Integrated 80mm Receipt Printer.


Supports WIFI and Bluetooth


Supports Cash Drawer Barcode Scanner and Pax Terminals

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*Free for 90 days then $49.99 for the first 1,000 products if you choose to continue. 30-day money back guarantee. Includes a mobile-friendly website with order management, SSL, CDN, monitoring, backups and full customer support.