Mobile Commerce

Are Mobile Wallets the Future of Commerce?

Take a look around and it does not take long to realize that we are living in a different world than the one we were living in even ten years ago. Technology is changing the way we do things. One area in which this is especially true is in the changes to how we make our payments. Payments are gradually making the transition to digital solutions. This reality is clearly seen in the fact that more people are making the switch to mobile wallets. But is this just a passing trend? Will this solution to payment processing just prove to be a novelty, soon to be replaced by some other form of payment or are mobile wallets the future of commerce? Let’s take a look. Mobile Wallets Provide Convenience When faced with the question of whether or not mobile wallets are the future of commerce, a helpful place to look is…

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Smart Terminal Apple Payment

How Apple Pay is Improving the Customer Checkout Experience

Advances in technology in the payment processing industry are constantly changing the way we do business and Apple Pay is no exception. In fact, it could be argued that, in many ways, Apple Pay is leading the way. As usual, Apple is at the forefront of technological innovation and you may want to consider implementing it yourself to stay on the cutting edge of the customer experience. In this article, we would like to take a look at Apple pay and how they are changing the customer checkout experience and ultimately the entire landscape for payments at the register. Forgot Your Wallet? No Problem! We have all been there. You have been waiting in line, eager to purchase a particular product, ready to get on with your day, only to find out that you have forgotten your wallet. As annoying as this can be, the solution is really quite simple….

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