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Merchant Cash Advances: What are They?

Merchant cash advances are based on the solidity of revenue streams going into the business, not the credit rating or creditworthiness of the business. That makes it a source of vital cash for a running business when it is needed fast! Merchant cash advance providers don’t have to evaluate the creditworthiness of a business, they look at the actual daily receivables and credit card receipts that give the provider a near certain estimate of the ability to pay back the advance on a regular basis. As soon as they take a look at daily receivables, the Merchant cash advance provider can deposit the money right into your business account. You are essentially buying money, paying for it using a portion of your revenues and credit card sales to pay for it. How Much do Merchant Cash Advances Cost? The cost of the cash advance may be more than the interest…

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Funding Options for Small Merchants

The Merchant’s Guide to Business Funding Options

Are you the owner of a newly-started business, looking for funding options to help your small business grow and expand? Having the right type of funding is important for the success of a young company and it can be helpful to know what kind of options are available to you. We realize that funding can be a difficult and even overwhelming process for the not yet initiated and so we put together a comprehensive guide to funding options for merchants. Are You Ready to Start Receiving Funding? Before we get into the specific funding options available to you, it is helpful to make an assessment of your business and determine whether or not you are in a good position to pursue financing. It is important to first take a look at your financial position and decide if you are in a place where additional unpaid debt will not hold you…

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Choosing a Credit Card Processor

Everything You Need to Know About a Merchant Cash Advance

If you own a small business, you are likely no stranger to the funding difficulties that come with the territory. However, there are recent trends in the industry that provide small businesses with viable financing options. A merchant cash advance can provide you with greater flexibility and greater chances of approval than your typical bank loan. If you are not aware of these types of loans and their many benefits, here is everything you need to know about merchant cash advances. What is a Merchant Cash Advance? A good place to start is at the beginning, right? So, for starters, what exactly is a merchant cash advance? As the name implies, a merchant cash advance is an advance on future sales that functions as working capital as you get your small business up and running. Merchant loans are great due to the fact that they are easy to approve for…

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