What is an eCheck?

What is an eCheck? Everything You Need to Know

With electronic payments being the norm and cash payments & traditional checks becoming less common year after year, it can be tough keeping up with all the various forms of payments available to your business. But, as a business owner it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each payment type you can and do offer to your customers, and the more sales you transact the more important the charges and flexibility of these payment options become. Rapid growth requires a proper foundation across every facet of your business, and payment processing is a big part of that. Transaction fees really add up, so even a small percent change can mean big savings for your business in the long-run. And it’s not just about keeping an eye on transaction fees, providing the best option for your customers increases customer satisfaction and online conversion rates. With this in mind, let’s…

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Reading into your statements

6 Things to Know about ACH & Wire Transfers

You may think you already know what the differences are between ACH & Wire Transfers; well, let’s test that theory. Read on for our list of six things you should know about these money vehicles. Let’s start with a few basics. Wire Transfers Wire transfers take place moving funds from your bank account to deposit to someone else’s bank account (or vice versa) in a transaction that moves directly from bank-to-bank. Wire transfers generally take place within just a few minutes but sometimes may take a few days. The reason these types of transfers happen is because the banks have entered into an agreement to accept such transfers. The agreement sets out the rules for transferring and receiving the monies. A few of those rules are: The banks verify both bank accounts and the account holders. The banks verify the amount of money in each account to avoid charge backs….

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What is the Difference Between ACH & Wire Transfer?

When researching your options for a payment system, you may have come across the choice of supporting ACH transactions but weren’t quite sure if they applied to your shop. While ACH transactions make the most sense for merchants running eCommerce businesses, any merchant who conducts online transactions in any capacity could benefit from implementing ACH. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, and you can think of it like a check without the paper. If you’re enrolled in a direct deposit program or pay your bills with monthly auto-drafts, you’re already used to using ACH. It’s a little wordy, but technically speaking: ACH is a computer-based clearing and settlement facility established to process the exchange of electronic transactions between participating depository institutions.* Every year, ACH transactions move upwards of $41 trillion dollars across 24 billion transactions.* With that in mind, it’s no surprise that ACH now represents a significant portion of…

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