The Cost of a Breach

What Happens When a Company Experiences a Data Breach?

If you are a business owner, you do not want to find out firsthand what happens when you experience a data breach. When your company is the victim of a data breach, it can be both frustrating and terrifying. A data breach puts financial records and personal information in jeopardy which can lead to identity theft and even leave you drowning in fraudulent charges. For obvious reasons, a data breach can be very bad news to any company that experiences one. It can lead to a loss of customers and can be a huge financial hit to your organization. A data breach is something you want to avoid at all costs. But in order to avoid them, it helps to know what causes them. Why Does a Data Breach Occur? One of the most significant reasons why data breaches are so common these days is because cyber thieves are presented with…

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Steps to Prevent Data Breaches

5 Essential Strategies for Preventing Data Breaches

Most employees and business partners are honest, loyal, and committed to doing a great job. Yet insider threats remain among the most significant security threats businesses face today. Whether intentional (an employee steals and sells your customer data because they’re mad they didn’t get a raise) or unintentional (a hacker used social engineering to trick them into forking over a password), most data breaches today begin with insider threats — threats from your own employees, partners, or vendors. Between hackers and cyber terrorists, angry ex-workers and clueless vendors, what does it take to keep your data safe in this age? Here are essential strategies for preventing data breaches. 1. Employee Education is Essential Dealing with angry employees is only a small part of the problem when it comes to protecting your data against insider threats. Smart hiring practices, rigorous screening during the hiring process, and regular monitoring of your systems and users…

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