The Merchant’s Guide to Business Funding Options

The Merchant’s Guide to Business Funding Options

Are you the owner of a newly-started business, looking for funding options to help your small business grow and expand? Having the right type of funding is important for the success of a young company and it can be helpful to know what kind of options are available to you. We realize that funding can be a difficult and even overwhelming process for the not yet initiated and so we put together a comprehensive guide to funding options for merchants.

Are You Ready to Start Receiving Funding?

Before we get into the specific funding options available to you, it is helpful to make an assessment of your business and determine whether or not you are in a good position to pursue financing. It is important to first take a look at your financial position and decide if you are in a place where additional unpaid debt will not hold you back. You should also consider factors such as your specific industry, how long you have been in business, and the particular reason for your funding. Taking these factors into consideration before you even pursue funding options will ensure greater success for your business and help prevent you from being put in a position that will be harmful to you in the long run.

Business Funding Options for Merchants

Now that you have made a critical assessment of your company and have determined that you are ready to pursue funding, let’s take a look at the different business funding options available to you. There are two specific business funding options available to merchants that we are going to focus in on, a bank loan and a merchant cash advance.

  • Bank Loan: One option available to you is the bank loan. Though this option has been a viable solution to many, it is not without its drawbacks. Banks loans tend to have difficult qualifications and slow turnaround times which can be a deal killer in a world where time is money. In addition to this, bank loans have restrictions on how your loan can be structured due to strict usury laws. All in all, bank loans might not be the best option available to merchants looking for easy qualification and funding flexibility.
  • Merchant Cash Advance: A merchant cash advance is a much better option for a small business looking for great funding options. A merchant loan is easy to apply for with a bank statement and past credit card receipts being the only required documents. This is in stark contrast to the plethora of documents and records required by bank loans. Merchant loans also have a quick turnaround time which can be a great benefit for a young business needing funds quickly.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of going with a merchant cash advance is in the flexibility of financing. This flexibility comes in the way that merchant loans are structured. A merchant loan is less of a loan and more of a cash advance. You can look at it this way: a portion of your future sales are being sold in order to provide you with a cash advance now to help you grow your business. This helps you avoid having to pay a set amount every month and allows you flexibility based on what you can afford.

In conclusion, a merchant cash advance provides greater funding availability with its easy approval and quick turnaround time. If you are looking for a funding option that will provide you with the flexibility that will help you grow and expand your business with ease, a merchant cash advance is the option for you. Be sure to look into applying for one for yourself today!

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