Best Credit Card Machine for Small Business

If you’re looking for the right payment hardware to take your business to the next level, congratulations! This is an exciting time. As your business grows and moves through each evolution, you become familiar with the benefits and challenges of investing in new tools and technology. Just remember that making the right choice is about identifying your specific needs and finding the solution that best addresses them. A Credit Card Machine for Small Business: Is it the Right Time? It’s never easy for a small business owner to say exactly when investing in a credit card machine is the right choice to make. Just a few short years ago, running a small business looked very different. In the small merchant business sector, getting by as a cash-only business used to be a viable option. However, as the economy steadily migrates towards electronic payment options, cash-only small businesses are largely a…

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Cut Costs With a Great POS

Cash registers, employees, rent and stockroom all run the base of a successful retail and restaurant business. With demand for eating out and buying merchandise increasing, a POS system can either manage you, or help you run your business. We get so wrapped up with the tech that we forget about our business and how to use it as a great tool for staying on top of things. Efficiency and Organization Looking for a great system to keep things running in tip top shape is probably right in front of you. Many App developers and organizations have shifted to a new suite of open and closed sourced systems that run in the cloud. Cloud based applications are great for today’s businesses, allowing everyone to keep in touch and on top of new information. Effective POS solutions can help keep employees from wasting time counting stock and inventory by hand with…

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What a Tablet Point of Sale Can do for you

Why a Tablet POS System Will Benefit Your Business

Mobile is everywhere and customers love it. We have seen many large companies adopt mobile solutions for all of their business needs. Mobile solutions are growing as desktop POS systems are shrinking in number for all the right reasons. Large Computers, Difficult Upkeep The cost of maintaining large desktop servers in the back and tabletop POS systems in the front adds up greatly. With traditional systems you are stuck with them for years, maintaining large catalogues and databases stuck in contracts with hard to extend software. Many business owners are now realising their needs can all be met with cloud based, tablet solutions offered today. With mobile tablet POS solutions it’s easy to stay up to date with the latest software and hardware. With new types of hardware entering the market today extendability is important. Mobile solutions offer great API’s for developers to extend the application to various other services…

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When Should You Upgrade

When Should You Upgrade?

Many merchants, for years have refused to upgrade the outdated credit card terminals they use to process everyday transactions. It may seem costly to upgrade your terminals, but refusing to do so could cost you more in the long term. Your processing equipment is the front end of your business, meaning much of your profit comes in through all the transactions your terminal processes in any given day. Here are some signs your terminal is due for an upgrade: Your hardware is old If you’re running extremely old hardware from the 2000’s or earlier, it’s obviously time to upgrade. Although your hardware may still work, it’s likely the software running it is a bit dated. This can cause security issues which will cost you. In the event of a security issue, you, the merchant, will be held responsible for any fraud that does occur. Upgrading and starting fresh with a…

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POS Systems are Now More Affordable

POS Systems are Now More Affordable Than Ever

POS systems are no longer just for big corporations or wealthy businesses. Many businesses, both small and large are now using them. They come with many advantages that businesses don’t find with simple cash registers or payment terminals. And they’re now more affordable than they’ve ever been. The technology involved with POS systems used to be expensive when it was new, as is common with new technology. But now as the technology continues to become more common, it also continues to become more affordable. Even the more advanced systems are more affordable now. The affordability of POS systems is just another reason why all small business owners should be investing in them if they haven’t already. But just because they’re more affordable, it does not mean that businesses shouldn’t be careful in choosing the right one for them. As the systems become more popular, more and more options become available, so…

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