Interconnected Machines

Payment Industry Trends in 2017: Using Machine Learning to Fight Fraud

Fraud is increasingly becoming a problem in the online world as online shopping has become more and more popular. But fortunately, as more and more internet criminals are making fraudulent purchases and costing companies money, more and more advances are being made in the technology used to fight this epidemic. Technological advances in the area of machine learning are helping to stop these fraudulent charges before they start. This can be a powerful risk management tool for business owners as they look for ways to protect themselves and their livelihood. However to many, the topic of machine learning remains a mystery and many may not realize the potential benefits of this technology. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the subject of machine learning: what it is, how it works, and the potential it has for protecting businesses against payment fraud. Machine Learning: What it is and How it…

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Apple Pay Ecommerce Checkout

Simplify Your Checkout Experience Online With Apple Pay

Apple Pay, is quickly rising to the top of our most favorite ways to pay in many convenience stores. It has now had a successful run over the last few months in ecommerce stores online. macOS has slowly been rolling to convergence with iOS and it’s bringing exciting new features such as payments to web merchants! How Apple Pay is Simplifying Payments With the rollout of EMV at the register, Apple saw an opportunity to jump into payments and smooth the road for a faster way to pay. Apple Pay made it easier for customers to pay without ever having to insert or swipe their card. Many businesses started pushing out contactless readers as they became easier to acquire and with the EMV update many stores had little option to avoid the upgrade.   “It’s amazing, hitting the checkout button, pressing down my thumb and seeing the product show up…

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