Aloha POS System + Pay-at-the-Table Solution

Aloha POS System + Pay-at-the-Table Solution

As you know, there’s so much more to a dining experience than the food. There’s the atmosphere, the pacing, the interior design, the branding, and something that’s often overlooked — the payment interaction itself.

The Aloha POS system is one of the most popular point-of-sale systems on the market today for restaurant owners, and Pay-at-the Table’s mobile checkout system is one of the best ways to modernize your restaurant.

And we have some great news:

Aloha POS and Pay-at-the-Table used to not be compatible, but that isn’t the case anymore.

That’s right! We’ve got your back, restaurants of America.

Introducing Tidal Commerce’s Aloha Compatible Pay-at-the-Table integration.

We’ve developed the only integration that combines the Aloha point of sale and Pay-at-the-Table into one seamless solution.

Do you use the Aloha POS and are interested in the awesome features of Pay-at-the-Table? Or do you currently use both Pay-at-the-Table _and_ NCR Aloha in your business as separate systems?

Either way, we’ve got the ability to help you out.

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The powerful features of an Aloha POS + Pay-at-the-Table integration

There are a bunch of reasons to consider integrating your NCR Aloha and Pay-at-the-Table — check it out:

You can keep your existing POS

That’s right. Our custom integration is exactly how you’d want it to be — you don’t have to change a thing about your existing POS.

Switch with the minimum downtime necessary

Our team conducts the integration during your off-hours and makes sure your restaurant stays up and running without any hiccups or delays.

Payment processing and POS sync

Aloha software and Pay-at-the-Table will communicate in real-time after your integration. So any payments taken by your staff on Pay-at-the-Table will be recorded in Aloha and vice versa. Regardless of when or how often you use either piece of software, all of your data will be centralized and easily accessible.

Automatically close checks across systems

Whenever a transaction is completed on the Aloha POS system or Pay-at-the-Table, that check is automatically closed — eliminating a time-consuming step for your wait staff.

See open orders from your POS

Any open order can be viewed on either system at any time.

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Why bother adding Pay-at-the-Table to your restaurant?

Fair question — here are just some of the advantages:

Modernize your restaurant

Pay-at-the-Table takes your restaurant and dramatically improves its efficiency and style. By getting rid of unnecessary steps between your customers and servers, you’ll flip more tables, increase tips, and usher in a whole new level of convenience.

Fit for all food-service venues

Pay-at-the-Table is ideal for full-service restaurants, stadiums, venues, and other hospitality environments where payment is currently processed at a central location, far from the customer’s view. Servers need to accept payment tableside or curbside and print receipts right on the spot without the need to return to the point of sale (POS) station to swipe, insert or tap a card for payment.

Pay-at-the-Table is good for any food-service business where the payment is processed in a central location outside of the customer’s view, so anything from full-service restaurants to stadiums, to venues, to local breweries can benefit from Pay-at-the-Table.

Reduce chargeback liability and fraud

Not only will your mobile terminals equipped with Pay-at-the-Table be EMV/PCI compliant, but by putting the payment process in the hands of guests, you reduce fraud and chargeback liability significantly. The guest’s card never leaves their hands.

Mobile-friendly transactions

Pay-at-the-Table combined with a smart terminal and Aloha restaurant POS offers a completely mobile payment experience. Guests can pay at their own whenever they’re ready, and servers can easily drop and grab terminals off tables.

Pair with Order-at-the-Table for even more flexibility

Pay-at-the-Table works seamlessly with Order-at-the-Table software for a completely mobile dining experience.

Integrate Pay-at-the-Table and save up to 30% on transaction fees

Combine the Aloha POS and Pay-at-the-Table, save money while growing your restaurant, and work with a merchant services provider who has your back.

Here are some of the awesome things Tidal Commerce merchants get to use day in and day out:

Robust business analytics

You can source payment reports from as many locations as you have and hone in on single restaurants to determine which meals and deals are having the biggest impact. Plus you can access real-time data anytime, anywhere.

Fast deposits

We work fast at Tidal Commerce. Get your deposits in as little as 2 days, and you get the analytics instantly — allowing you to put that money where you need it as soon as possible.

Growth-minded service

From Gina’s diner to global restaurant empires, we’re here to help you grow day in and day out. Let us become your payment advocate — always keeping an eye out for ways to save you money and improve your business.

Restaurant owners can save 30% on transaction fees when switching to Tidal Commerce

We’re here to dish out the savings. Merchants who switch to Tidal save an average of 30% on their transactions, and we’ll even show you what you can save upfront for free.

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