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What is Two Factor Authentication

Historically online systems have used usernames and passwords to authenticate users. They are still the most common form of user authentication.

Unfortunately people often create bad passwords that are easily guessed, or they re-use passwords across many websites. If one of these other sites is compromised, they can use your username and password on other sites until they find one that lets them in.

Two-factor authentication was created to enhance security by adding another layer. Your username and password are something you know, but two-factor codes are generated by something you have.

After you enter your username and password we prompt for a code. This code is either generated on something like your phone, or by your password manager, or it’s something we’ve called or texted you with.

This way even if your password is stolen or your phone is lost someone else wouldn’t be able to get in with just one and not the other.

Strong passwords are still very important, and you can read more about how to make strong passwords.

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