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View critical insights and manage your entire business from any location.

Convenient on-demand features

Start running a smarter, more efficient business.

In today’s business world, data is king. Being able to quickly view insights and make informed decisions at a moment’s notice is what separates successful businesses from the pack. You need software that you can rely on to deliver purchase information accurately and consistently. Once you’ve used our dashboard, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Our web dashboard gives you and your employees the ability to run your business like never before. Send reports of high-performing items to your marketing team, manage your inventory, or save that disappointed customer by quickly responding with a refund.

A dashboard built for growth.

Check out your sales reports to see what’s selling and what’s not, segment by date and product type, hone in on particular stores, or get the big picture at a glance — our dashboard was designed to deliver the most relevant sales metrics in seconds, regardless of size or industry. This allows you to react at a moment’s notice, allowing for quicker, smarter decisions to grow your business.

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Online insights & actions

See how your stores are doing from anywhere with an internet connection. Add new products, view recent orders, check receipts, and even settle for any of your locations from our web dashboard. Get a bird’s eye view with our generated reports or dig deep with segmentation by store, product, date, and more.

Real-time statistics

Your data is synced in real-time across all of your devices. There’s no need to wait until everything is settled at the end of the day to view forecasts and reports, and you and your partners will always be able to make decisions based on the latest information.

Convenient exports

Are you an Excel junkie? It’s okay, we are too. Easily export any data in the web dashboard into a convenient .csv file.

A dashboard designed for all the ways your business likes to work.

Our web dashboard is a complete business management solution that easily integrates with your existing workflows. Without having to change how you do business, you’ll be equipped with a suite of data that can easily be translated into actionable decisions. You’ll be able to react quickly to new sales information, isolate issues at individual terminals, communicate instantly from anywhere in the world, and run an efficient, smarter operation.

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Inventory management

Take control of your inventory and add or edit item details at will, including name, SKU, price, taxability, and quantity. You could organize a flash sale or discount a line of slow-selling inventory in a matter of seconds, facilitating a more flexible and proactive business.

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Seamless scalability

Our web dashboard is built for teams of any size. Whether you’re part of a small group or a national team of hundreds, our web dashboard can support you with multiple accounts and logins for individual locations. Set individual permission levels and customize each dashboard as you see fit. How far you take it is up to you.

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Customer management

Don’t make your customers wait. Instead, take matters into your own hands with our customer management features. Easily refund customers or void accidental transactions, and keep your customers happy by sending follow-up receipts via email or text directly from the dashboard.

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Complete Customization

Remotely edit tax rates, modify tips, work offline, and change signature prompts for all of your terminals. Design your receipts to be on brand, and send custom messages to both customers and employees.

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24/7 Support

Each and every day, including holidays, our team of support specialists is ready to help you resolve any issue. We're always here to get you what you need at a moment's notice.

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