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Premier Payment Systems is now Tidal Commerce

Premier Payment Systems is now Tidal Commerce

What happened to Premier Payment Systems?

Premier Payment Systems became Tidal Commerce starting in 2017. It’s the same great company with the same great service and great value. Just a new name, new logo, and some great new products in the pipeline!

Have your service offerings changed?

Yes. But in a good way! Tidal will continue to offer all the same great services as Premier along with some new and improved ones.

Our Payment Processing, Merchant Accounts, Credit Card Machines, Tidal POS (Formerly Premier POS), Loyalty Programs, Gift Card Programs will all continue to be supported and improved just under the new name Tidal.

We’re also excited to offer Tidal Leading, a new an exciting way to help merchants grow their business. Be on the look out for more great product announcements throughout the year.

Will my rates change?

No. The transition from Premier Payment Systems to Tidal Commerce will not affect your rates. Our mission is to continue to be one of the best values in the industry for payment processing.

Do I need to do update my account with Tidal?

No. Everything will seamlessly transition to Tidal Commerce from Premier Payment Systems. You will now be seeing Tidal Commerce on your statements and communications with us.

You may receive a call from one of our friendly support staff just to let you know that Premier is now Tidal, and to confirm your information on file with us for accuracy.

Has my PPS Gateway login changed?

No. You can still login to the PPS Gateway at the url as before. https://secure.ppsgateway.com. If you login to this often, please bookmark it in your browser for easy access.

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